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"I worked with Gail at a crucial time in my career - just as I was finishing grad school. She helped me zero in on my brand, and prepare for headshots that would capture my elements. She goes the extra mile! Ex: Responding to texts sent to her from thrift store dressing rooms of various tops, to make sure I felt confident before purchasing something specific! This ended up being wildly helpful as I prepared for my Showcase - everything from what kinds of scenes and characters I was looking for, to what to wear! I brought her big dreams, and she helped me break them down into actionable steps, so that they can become realities. And she was game for any project - new headshots, a self-produced webseries, a mass-mailing; she has the experience and the sense to tackle any of the aspects of an actor's career. I was especially inspired to work with a high-achieving, positive-thinking, powerful woman in the industry! Thank you, Gail!" - Ally C.

"With Gail's counsel I made a list of career goals and a list of what I needed to do to support those goals. I got headshots that spoke to my 'brand', was able to land an agent and shot my first Indie Feature. If you feel stuck with your acting career and you feel like you have something to offer the business and the world, give Gail a call. She will have your back."  - Matthew F.

"Gail makes a huge effort to understand where you are in your career as an actor, and where you want to go. She makes an effort to dig deep and get to know you on a personal level, instead of the one-approach-fits-all-cookie-cutter strategies of some coaches. With that in mind, she offers holistic, insightful, energized, witty, and practical strategies for every goal, every fear, and every pitfall. Meeting with her feels like meeting with a dear friend, but you walk away with more tools and knowledge you than you could ever ask for." 
- Kelsey Ann W.

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"Gail is honest, diligent & inspiring. Be prepared to have your mind blown(Fair warning!). So happy I did. I feel a fresh sense of purpose and dedication."  - Lauren G.

Working as an actor is stressful enough. Getting great headshots was also a huge weight.  Not knowing what to WEAR for those headshots (when you’re a regular guy who doesn’t know the first thing about fashion, color palettes, or really just clothes in general) puts even MORE pressure on the whole process.


Gail helped me pick out 'keepers' from my current wardrobe and then guided me to purchase a few extra’s. Gail’s advice gave me confidence and ownership of the process.


Finally, I had to choose which of the multiple great shots to have printed (a VERY good problem to have)!" - Patrick G. 

"Working with Gail Rastorfer is one of the smartest things I have ever done (and will do again!) for my career.  Her insight, experience, and straight-shooting advice are matched only by her generosity and the sincerity of her support. 


Gail goes out of her way to really dig in to your personal situation, providing you with the benefits of her experience, and empowering you to do your very best in any situation.  And in the process, she also manages to give guidance on even the smallest points without ever making you feel dumb for not knowing the answers yourself.  


I can't recommend Gail enough - whether you're a beginner, or an old pro, Gail has the skills and the insight to help you take control over the things you can, and make a positive and lasting difference in your career path."  - Jodi K.

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