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Gail Rastorfer

Chicago-based actor for over 20 years


Can be seen on the TV shows BOSS, CRISIS & CHICAGO FIRE


Counseled Acting Studio Chicago students for over 8 years


Assisted award-winning Casting Director Jane Alderman


Has worked with Dave Foley, Peter Stormare, Mariette Hartley, Chris Smith & Theresa Rebeck  


Booked over two dozen commercials including: Bissell, Intuit, Viva & 3 different auto brands.


Worked with Northlight, CST, Goodman, IRT, Cleveland Play House & Asolo Rep


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Hi, I'm Gail. All I ever wanted was to be was an actor.  I took art, dance, voice lessons and read voraciously as a kid and somehow convinced my parents that I should get a BFA in Musical Theatre....which I did. After I graduated I continued to hone my craft with classes, reading and research. My training and teachers seemed to intimate that my skilll would be enough; that being versatile was a huge asset; that my headshot, my resume and my audition would be enough to consistently get me the job. This was not the case for me. I did get work BUT not the work I knew I was capable of and as I grew 'older' and out of the ingenue roles I found I was trying to be what the casting folk 'wanted' me to be.


After working for a Venture Capitalist for a few years, I started opening my eyes to a different way to approach my craft. I started working for Acting Studio Chicago, one of the top acting schools in the city. I also had the privilege of assisting award winning Casting Director Jane Alderman and gained perspective from the other side of the table. I began studying commercials and TV and the art of the headshot. What was my 'business plan' beyond auditioning and finding work?  What was my 'mission' as an aritist and as a person? I took an honest look at myself and how people perceived me and decided to concentrate on those commercial (yet authentic) aspects of my product. I strived to make more specific decisions on how I presented myself when I walked into a room; to let everyone know (clearly and specifically) who I was.  


By the end of 2005 my consistency and specificity started winning me more work and respect. For the past several years I have been helping students and veterans alike gain better insight into the business of the business and their product. Now let me help you do the same.


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